Letter to the Individual Battling Addiction or You Have A Loved One Who’s Addicted

If it is you being plagued, you already know this or deny this happens

Although, you may not remember what has happened the night before, they do. Their tears are forming a river and their quivering discompose the room, but all is muffled under your screams of grief and repentance.

Whether it be alcoholism, the stab of a needle, rocks of “empowerment” running up your nose and into your bloodstream… They all hurt the same. Everyone who cares about you will suffer sooner or later.

You will physically feel out of control. Your deep and darkest emotions will seep into your veins controlling you as if there is no choice but to lash out at the ones “responsible” for you ending up at rock bottom. The sunshine seems to be clouded much easier the moment you’ve succumbed.

Even if they are not responsible, even if you, by yourself, ended up struggling with addiction, even if an innocent bystander is near… The drugs and alcohol will have you believe they must atone for your personal enslavement.

Here is Sage’s advice to you, child of the universe, whom has unfortunately fallen off the path…

  • Remember you are not alone. You are suffering. You are fallible. You are human. Someone or something may have made you feel conquered and broken. Maybe you are suffocating by the complacency, by the disappointment and by not being where you want to be. All of these unwanted emotions are universal, but everyone who has made it out alive and healthy will remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Try finding addiction groups. Converse with people who have battled their own fixation.
  • Cease from concealing. In the long run, nothing will get better if you continue to enter a fantasy.
  • DO NOT QUIT COLD-TURKEY. Your body will immediately enter a withdrawal stage and you could end up at square one or dead. Slowly wean off the drug. Limit and set goals for yourself. Make it achievable.
  • Search for healthy, productive releases. Find yourself into new hobbies. Read!! There is literally every genre you could think of. Write your emotions. Download a game on your phone and play it when you’re itchin’. Start exercising and go for a light walk.
  • Tell yourself you WILL get through this. You WILL resist.
  • Journal it. Every good friend of mine will receive a recommendation to write down what they’re feeling. Track your progress. Release your emotions. When you are itchin’, read your journal and empower yourself.

My beloved ones who compensate for their loved ones fixation… Here are a few tips you may use in the appropriate situation:

•When your loved one is under a spell of their fix, remove the following from the scene: projectile items, anything made out of glass, household animals and valuable items.

•Gather the innocent bystanders in one room. The children must be protected at all costs and to the best extent. Most doors are not the greatest when it comes to sound proofing, so find a towel or dirty clothes to plug the opening. Distract them and yourself as much as possible. Be sure that everyone, but especially the oldest children and/or individual know how to dial 9/11 and have an available phone.

•Pray if you’re religious.

I learned this miraculous prayer from my Tia Aurora

“Cruz divina.

Cruz sagrada.

Cruz de mi Corazon.

 Aleja todo lo malo, todo peligro

y te pedimos Padre por la paz de (la nombre de persona) Corazon.”

•If you are the oldest sibling and/or most capable individual to calm the person you love, please be brave even though your heart desires to jump out of your chest. Confront what they are feeling. Sometimes they just need to release, so listen intently. Acknowledge that they will not remember what they are saying when their high releases them. If they become physical, do not put up with it. Call 9/11.

•Be patient and kind with them when they are coherent and sober. This is the most difficult thing to do, especially when their hands are cutting off your circulation a few hours earlier.  Talk to them about their addiction. Realize that a little love and care can go a long way.

Not to sound negative, but you can only help someone who wants to help themselves. Do not be disappointed in yourself for something that individual does.

•If a hostile environment is a constant everyday situation, distance yourself from the person. Move out, do what you need to before you lose your sanity and well-being.

It is easier to bottle up everything, but don’t lose yourself in the noise. Talk, vent, cry. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, message me. I don’t care if you’re anonymous. Too many people are bleeding and opening our ears could be the gauze.


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