Coast to Coast

“Once you live in New York for years or a month, it doesn’t matter. You’re a New Yorker. You could move… you could run away all you want, but your heart remains.” 

-My boss after asking me where I’m from. I answered “Vegas.” instead of the borough.

                The cost of living is too high.

The homeless population continues to grow.

People are incessantly rude and looking out for themselves.

People are always in a rush. The trains are constantly under construction.

Rat and bedbug infestation.

Yet I’m still here.


A year has passed since I left the suburbs of East Side Las Vegas to pursue the big apple. Do I miss my family? Every minute. Do I yearn for the comforts of adolescence and the trivial education K-12? Absolutely. 

There’s something undefined and unsurpassable about the “City of Lights.” 

Alicia Keys was right-on-the-money when she said: “these lights will inspire you.”

I’m able to reinvent myself every day and that is my favorite part of NYC. There is an abundance of diversity, culture, and opportunities. 

In the midst of a million people, you’re truly challenged to stand out or get left behind


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