El Hombre Naranja

My feet hurt and my throat is dry. I realize how my voice is not enough and that action must be taken. Together, united, we stand. We will not be defeated. 

I quickly reminisce to my days in flag football. I see now perhaps Trump may have been a play by the government or by the universe… a common enemy to unite against, to spark real and actual change. In flag football, or any sport really, you have your star players that keep scoring touchdowns or shooting some points and then the other team starts to target them. Some of the time, when the opposing team is calm and collected, not intimidated by this “star player”; they unite, they defeat, they think of every possible outcome and play. 

That is what I’m asking you to do if you are afraid of the future. 

And for the people who did support Trump, I am appalled and hurt by you. Sure what’s done is done, but I can’t help myself to ask you why don’t I matter to you? As a Latina? As a woman?   His “mean comments” weren’t just “mean comments” to African Americans, Latinos, women, LGBTQ, Muslims and disabled persons.  And if you ARE any of these groups, shame on you for not valuing yourself and your family, friends, and community enough. These “mean comments” were his platform for 17 months. He preyed on your fears and anxieties. He released all those hateful feelings that resided deep within your core. Sure, some of you really want to believe you voted for him and his economic policies and his education policies and hold this true to yourself as much as you want. But you also supported intolerance. You supported hate and fear. You ignored these “mean comments” because it just didn’t matter enough to you. You supported all of it whether you deny it or not. 

If you’re not prepared to answer me, then don’t bother talking to me. Honestly.

Trump has multiple criminal offenses including tax evasion, violating workers and human rights, rape and assault cases. He has hurt just as many people as Clinton, except he was a businessman. A businessman or businesswoman’s role is to protect the sanctity of their employees and provide ethical business. So don’t come to me talking about her stupid emails and comparing national defense to sexual assault because then you’d just sound like an asshole and I can’t help you there. Her job was to decide national defense based on facts and her cabinet. She is merely a face. 

I hope he is a sheep in wolves clothing. I hope he really did puppet you and half the country by your fears and anxieties simply to manipulate the system and to rise to power. I hope he does what a president is supposed to do: lead us into unity. I hope he doesn’t run our economy like his business. He knows how to handle his OWN money, not 320 million American’s money. I hope the House and Senate, although both houses of Congress are Republican, opposes Trump the second he plots a loophole to discriminate and to deny someone’s universal right as a human being. But is that ever the case? Oh, and guess what? Stocks are down. The Mexican peso has skyrocketed to 20 pesos per 1 U.S. dollar, a feat that hasn’t been reached since the 1990s. Canadian immigration has shut down. The world is watching and they are scared for us too. Most importantly, our children are watching. Remind them to love and encourage their Muslim friends, their people of color, and the boys that like to wear pink because this country has no more room for hate. Show your kids to respect and preserve the sanctity of a human beings life regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or anything else


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