Brujeria or Intuition?

Has anyone heard of lucid dreaming? Or seen the movie “Inception” where DiCaprio still did not receive an award? 

If you haven’t–Lucid dreaming is basically controlling your dreams. I came across an interesting man while waiting for my plane to take off to Vegas.

Lucid dreaming is basically controlling your dreams. I came across an interesting man while waiting for my plane to take off to Vegas. My soul sister* and I sat next to each other (turns out we’re all in the same neighborhood.) This man was telling us his experience with lucid dreaming. He was describing he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between reality and this alternate universe he had created in the depth of his own mind. Isn’t that amazing? He explained how crazy his dream journal was. I think it would be a good idea to try one out if I actually woke up on time. His experience led me confessing this strong intuition I have always possessed, so now I will confess it to you. 

Some call it “brujeria” jokingly, some call it being “psychic”… in scientific terms, it’s intuition. I’ll go with that. 

My coworkers are really into doing yoga and yesterday was my first time. Essentially, a relaxation practice called “Reiki” where the instructor will come around and place their hands on you. Some people experience physical healing, some people don’t feel anything except a pair of hands, some people will drift to sleep. I visited a memory that hasn’t surfaced in years: 

When I was younger, my godmother always rubbed my back until I fell asleep. Then a string of memories with my godfather came along as my mind calculated how many times I have interacted with him recently. (Knowing he was diagnosed with cirrhosis had me as the biggest worrywart, but I remained hopeful as I booked a flight home with the intention of seeing him in 36 hours.) This session was supposed to relax me. My friends indefinitely knocked out. But for me? My mind was running a million miles a minute.

Later that night, I found out he passed away. 

My coworker and I were discussing intuition a few days prior to the yoga session. I jokingly said, “we have even more of that since we’re Latinas.” She shared her experience of dreaming her teeth fell out and this apparently meant death. 

She found out her great uncle died not too long after. 

I’ve had many more experiences where I’ve dreamt about someone who I haven’t in a while and I will feel the absolute necessity to reach out to them. 8 times out of 10, something big happened in their life. 

I definitely believe it’s deeply rooted in my family because my mother has told me her experiences. When she immigrated from Mexico, she was ironing one day and the air started smelling like how she described “como la muerte.” Shortly after, she received a call bearing the news of her brother’s death. Is your culture keen to this idea of intuition/psychic ability/brujeria?

Our brain and heart are connected.

In some cultures, they say our mind is our third eye. Scientists report we have only discovered 10% of our brain, but what about this gut feeling, I, and many others have experienced? 

Is your culture keen to this idea of intuition/psychic ability/brujeria?

Have you had any experiences with intuition or lucid dreaming? Or anyone you know? If you have any scholarly or scientific studies points on either subject, please send them my way. 

*My soul sister’s name will not be disclosed, but I met this wonderful female on our five-hour delay at the airport. We are both from Vegas, and live in the same neighborhood in Queens. If you’re reading this, love you girl!


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