Letter to My Loves Who Are Up All Night

I jotted down a few tips that will hopefully improve your sleep schedule. I am a work in progress too, but I constantly have night terrors… I’ll let you know when I’m fully in control 😉

I’m nocturnal. I work the best at night, but I also have developed a habit of associating my bed with doing homework. Ooppps. There’s tip number one. Here’s a few more:

Here’s a few more:

•Have multiple alarms. This sets your brain and body to a clock. Keep in mind the later you go to sleep, the less time you have to sleep.

•Try to ONLY sleep in 1-3 hours past your regular time to get up because this disrupts the cycle. 

•Naps limited to 5 minutes-1 1/2 hours. 

•Yoga exercises before bed. Just simple breathing, stretching, and asking yourself how your mind/body feel. Put the phone away, drink some water, close your eyes. Inhale for 8 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Diminish the time until 4 seconds. This will lower your heart rate and help anxiety!

•You may put your phone on sound, but don’t sleep next to it. This is too tempting. 

•Set a goal time to go to bed and a goal time to be prepping for bed/the next day. 

•Hot compresses for any aches/injuries. Could be a hand towel or a thinner piece of cloth to tie it around affected area. This will create pressure while relieving the stress in joints by allowing the temperature to drop. 

•Warm milk before bed. *Especially if you have a nightmare

I can’t personally sleep with the do not disturb setting simply because I am afraid of missing out on someone needing me, but that’s always a good suggestion. 🙂



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