Letter to the Anxiety-Ridden Individual


Let’s differentiate between anxiety and depression, and also come to a realization people have severe anxiety AND depression, some people have severe anxiety, some people have severe depression, some people have anxiety because of depression, some people have depression because of anxiety, etc.


DEPRESSION is the darkest of clouds obscuring the sun. You can’t feel the warmth no matter how many times someone tells you the sun is present. I know the sun is there. I see the ray of light hitting my direction, but I am not warm. I am not fulfilled. This personal cloud hangs over an individual. This cloud can be everlasting, fluctuating, darker, lighter, etc.

Add ANXIETY on this metaphor: you’re waiting every second for the sun to show itself! You’re wondering if you did something to prevent the sun from providing you hospitality. You’re left there with your thoughts and man, is that killer.

There’s a difference between being positive and brushing emotions off. The latter being most unhelpful to the victims of depression, anxiety or both.


(Thanks G-Money for the eloquent synopsis of anxiety and depression.)


So, my loves, will I be able to cure you of your anxiety? Nope. But I can tell you from personal experience a guide on how to control/ help your anxiety.


  • As difficult as this one is, caffeine is such a detriment to the central nervous system. I laid off the coffee, the alcohol, the sugar for a while and this did help. Every cup once in a while is totally fine, but drinking it two or three times a day is definitely not Sage-recommended. Energy drinks are a big NO. The artificial sugar in these is abhorrent.
  • Insomnia ties in with anxiety so much. It’s f*cking horrible having a huge exam the next day, or an evaluation at work so it keeps you up all night. I try to exhaust myself throughout the day. Become so productive that you have no choice but to fall into a deep sleep. Check out my tips for insomnia too!
  • Do what you can, and convince yourself that is enough.
  • Become a list whore. Make your own bullet journals(Pinterest, Tumblr) and plan out your days. The more you can check off, the less anxiety you will have.
  • If you have General Anxiety Disorder, please realize your family and friends are not out to get you. Your tone will offend people. Your obsessiveness will be interchangeable to absolute perfection and nitpickiness, and this creates a stigma of making other people feel less. Have an open communication with family and friends. Anxiety is a horror of a mental illness, but we must nurture relationships as they are vital to healing.
  • Yoga/breathing exercises. I literally have never felt more exhilarated and focused than Vinyasa sessions.
  • Learning how to do things by yourself. Taking a walk, sitting in a coffee shop with a book and a cup of tea, going to the mall. Get to know yourself.
  • THIS IS MY BIGGEST PIECE OF ADVICE TO ANYONE. You ready??? Write everything down. Use writing as a resource, as personal therapy, as a journal to track what makes you anxious.
  • Track what makes you anxious, and avoid it.



Any tips you do to keep you sane?





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