Mexicana. Buddhist. Liberal/Hippie. Millennial. Woman.

I am every stereotype. The worst kind of labels.

I am everything people fear: Diversity.

Some people confuse diversity with dissonance.

I am here to debunk the myths you may have.

  • I am a child of two Mexican immigrants. I  am PROUDLY a child of the sun. Mexico=Motherland. I hold my beautiful traditions and culture very dear to my heart.


  • I am not a Christian. I am not a Roman Catholic like the rest of my family. I couldn’t even consider myself a “cafeteria Catholic” because I don’t pick and choose what I believe in. I choose not to believe.


  • Here comes the huge revelation: I choose to believe I am the captain of my soul. I am the lotus flower that blooms in the muddiest of waters. Self-improvement every day for the great mission of kosen-rufu: world peace through individual happiness. *See link below for further explanation.

  • LIBERAL ??? 

Professor Bigot and Classmate Dementor denied climate change. Straight. Up. DENIED. I had a wonderful conversation with an Uber driver on the night of Storm Niko. I vented to my friend, Mohammed, about Professor Bigot. Mohammed informed me he is originally from Egypt, and now it is snowing in Egypt. HELLOO. NOT. NORMAL. NOT. OKAY. PROOF OF CLIMATE CHANGE OUTSIDE AND AROUND THE WORLD. 

Professor Bigot decided to label me the first day of class. I am apparently a “Liberal”/ “Environmentalist” simply because I recycle. (Sidenote: NYC regulations state that I must own a recycling and trash can bin.) Because being a liberal is now interchangeable with being an environmentalist, I decided to label myself as “hippie.” I am thoroughly concerned about global sustainment. Just because the U.S. has an abundance of food and it’s not our problem does not hide the fact of worldwide depletion of natural resources.

  • I am a millennial, therefore I am naive, ungrateful, and self-concerned.  

College students who have a full-time job are usually older and take night or weekend classes. I have taken the six-week, seven-hour Saturday classes, and the three-hour full-term Saturday classes. Both were miserable because I was constantly seen as pinheaded, unintelligent, and lost. Welp. Jokes on them. On the day of my final, I came two hours late, turned in my take-home final, and walked out. Received an A in that class. Let’s just get something clear right now: you are not better than me because you are older than me. I have depth and you are missing out. *See “Letter to My Classmates that Happened to be Xenophobic, Sexist, Racist… You Made My Mornings Challenging”

Ahh. Woman. One of the worst labels to possess in our current U.S. political climate.

Misogyny is real and seeping through. Constantly being undressed with passing eyes is totally what gets me out of bed in the morning. Let’s not even elaborate on this. Not all men even notice their subtle distaste for the opposite gender.

My ultimate goal is to break the glass ceiling. To break ALL ceilings and barriers. Stay tuned.


 * http://www.sgi.org/about-us/buddhism-in-daily-life/kosen-rufu.html