You Can Have Roots and Wings.

I went to Nicaragua in January and this was the only country I have visited besides the motherland. I developed such a deep appreciation for my roots, the motherland of Mexico, and have been exercising it ever since. I have been labeled as Latina, Hispanic, but no. Enough of that whole stigma. Enough of that crap. Right now. We have a constitutional right to claim our ethnicity. F*ck what the president is telling you. (THE U.S. president, not MY president. Don’t get this twisted.)  

  I am Chicana.

Mexican heritage and culture, but born in the United States.

I am only a citizen of this country.

I abide by U.S. laws and constitution.

I am documented. Born and bred in Nevada.

I pay my taxes, so I am allowed to take advantage of the government’s benefits.

I am privileged to live in a modern, developed country. In other countries, the government has had to allocate their scarce resources and ration it accordingly. In the U.S., people eat como puercos y sin vergüenza.

My heart remains in the motherland. I claim Mexico and I am actively proud of my people. Due to such a harsh political climate, I am more than proud to say soy Hija del Pueblo. Soy Hija de Imigrantes. The irony is that my parents are documented citizens of the U.S., have paid and are paying their dues, and still are not recognized as a citizen or worthy of human rights…. But that’s another blog post. On a lighter note, Viva Mexico!

However, as proud as I am now, I did not feel the same pride. I was taught to feel ashamed of my tan skin and brown colored eyes. I never understood why my mom was nervous around authorities when I was younger, but I see now. My roots will always be in the motherland, en el jardin de mi abuela. I urge you to explore your culture i.e. your music, your painters, your politicians, your revolutionaries, your history, your family tree, etc. Please be comfortable with your skin despite the bigotry and hateful rhetoric today.

You are loved. You are accepted. You must know your roots. You must have a nest within yourself. Then you must spread your wings. You are the only person limiting yourself.

Love always,



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