Menstrual Cramps? Aches? Bruises? Try These Remedies!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Chicana…. again. At 3:17 A.M.

My mind is running a million miles per minute and I have a large to-do list. This blog post wasn’t on there yet here we are. Thanks for your time as always!



  • Run a bandana, a face towel, or piece of fabric that is the twice the length of your affected area. (I once used a belt to a dress I had) You want to run this fabric under hot, HOT water and strain it. Wrap it around your head or uterus and tie it. Apply pressure as you deem comfortable and suitable. I try taking a nap with this and waking up. Hot compresses are key. Let the warmth of the compress turn into room temperature; the temperature change will regulate your body.  Oh, add some vapor rub in there. Vapor rub fixes everything. (ESPECIALLY FOR HEADACHES, MIGRAINES, AND CRAMPS)


  • Baths. Baths. BATHS. I miss my bath at home. Don’t take yours for granted! Always have lavender and Epsom salt around. My sister once bought me lavender Epsom salt at the dollar store. Again utilize the science of temperature changing. I HATE ice baths, but I would have to during flag football. Ugh. They work but they suck.


  • Contrast showers. When you’re really bruised or if you have a heavy workload; if you’ve been in a car accident; if you have poor blood circulation or clots… PLEASE please please do contrast showers. Turn the shower knobs from really freaking hot to really freaking cold. The shock of temperatures will help your blood flow. Thanks, Coach Yac.


  • Green tea. All them antioxidants and yummy. This is an easy natural remedy. You won’t feel right unless your body does so flush the bad carp out!


  • LOTS of water. Help your body help you. It is super tough to eat when depressed, anxious, nervous but water is so essential. Buy a water bottle you like and drink up! Many headaches are due to dehydration 🙂 Dehydration is never fun. Your lips are chapped because you’re dehydrated. Always look at your pee to gauge how much water you’ve been drinking.


  • Pedialyte. Ugh, Pedialyte… I abhor you but I love you. (Even good for a hangover. Not that I would know.) Pedialyte is gross but baby-approved. When you’re severely dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea, down a bottle of Pedialyte. It’s a little pricey, but so worth it. Pedialyte contains the electrolytes you need. Gatorade does the same, but Gatorade has so much sugar.


  • Heating pads. There are scented heating pads too! Once I find a good brand, I’ll shoot the link.


  • Light settings. You’ve taken your shower and bath, you got your compress and heating pad ready, you drank some water, green tea, Pedialyte… What next? Adjust your lighting!! I love Christmas lights as room decor but also because extreme light causes seizures. I find the absence of light the cause my migraines. There’s a reason why you shouldn’t strain your eyes on the TV or phone screen. I bought a $20 lamp with eco-friendly light bulbs at Target. I like having the option of low, medium, and high light setting. Natural light is underrated. Pick out some cute curtains so the neighbors don’t see you changing, but remember to open them when appropriate!


  • Yoga. I’ll write another post for beginners. Something I highly encourage anyone! Any body type, any age, any gender, and in the comfort of your own home!



“Jas, I tried ALL of these and I’m still in pain.”

I’m sorry…..  Here are my medication recommendations. *rolls eyes* How much I love the pharmaceutical industry.


The Devilish Menstrual Cramps

I mean seriously, why do women even have them? Do we not suffer enough as it is with pregnancy, the shedding of the uterine lining, breast aches, dangers, and peril? I obviously know the biological and reproductive reasons for cramps…. but….. Come on.

Niagra Falls, Shark Week, The Red Sea: I ABHOR YOU AND YOUR EXISTENCE. *cough*

  • As soon as I start cramping, I take a Midol. (My cramps are literally the devil and I don’t even believe in the devil.) I find it to be the medication with the least side effects. I usually take one then it’s all Gucci. The off-brands give me migraines. Treat yourself to that extra few dollars, girl. Get you some Midol. They are designed specifically for this purpose.


  • Ibuprofen sucks. Advil sucks. Tylenol sucks. I hate taking them but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. People react differently to properties and therefore, brands. Be careful on the dosage!




Hope this helps. Any tips you recommend?






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