STP 02/19/2017

12:14AM 02/19/2017




I had already felt the shell of myself tightening

And you decided to break the cave inwards




Child of the universe,

Lotus of the water and the mud,

Roots that are deep in the earth,

Wings as vibrant and forceful of the wind,

Where do you find homage

Do you settle

Or keep evolving




What if evolving

Was never the answer

But only a season,

A cycle

we must pass through

What if a destination,

A final form,

Isn’t real

If so, that means every day

Is a chance to reinvent yourself

To breath in new life,

New change.


Settling is a myth




I bartered my trust

For your understanding

But it was a unilateral agreement

As compassion goes hand-in-hand with understanding.

The times are old,

The habits seem unbreakable.




Self-reliance is taught as the basis of society

I told you I felt selfish by being selfless

Because this made me whole

Other people’s incompleteness

Fulfilled me

Their empty hands

Persuaded me to empty mine

Their scars made me feel

Safe to show my own





Maybe you loved me,

Because I taught you how to love yourself

Through me loving you


Episode Orange


I do not have a beach house to sell you

In Idaho,

All I had to give was myself,

And the tornado flew around my room, but

I see now, that was you




Ruler of the skies,

I heed to your name,

Won’t you immortalize me?

Because maybe then,

People will remember me

And want to learn how I inhabit

The night skies of lovers


Sixth Period


You’re like a violin string,

Harsh to touch,

Made of metal,

But you also compose the greatest

And purest sounds

In another life, maybe,

I will be the horsehair in the bow

And we will compose together


Coming of Age


You are an era

That must come to an end

Because I need someone to tend my thorns

And not drown me in water at the first sign

Of wilting 



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