STP 03/31/2017

11:30 P.M. 03/31/2017

Tribal Instinct

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

That child may become a hunter,

A gatherer,

A healer,

A teacher,

But in that same village,

There is a chief who was once a child

And the chief is a jack of all trades


From angry words,

You are told truth.

From the struggle and the damage,

You are even more beautiful.

From the overcast,

You appreciate the clear skies.

From surviving a bullet wound,

Your skin will grow thicker.

From the ashes,

You are reborn.

Your Mistake

You should have hit me so hard that I couldn’t get up.

You should have left me dead.

Just not bleeding out to death or else that would have been an inconvenience to clean up….

Honestly, I have to thank you.

You almost won.

Because of the sole fact that I got up,

Because of the fact that you could not break me,

Because of the fact that I am turning the poison you gave me into medicine;

This will be your own undoing.

Karma will take care of her job

There’s a reason why karma is always referred to as a woman.

Rapid Oxidation

You have ignited the revolution that was nesting inside of my soul

You set me on fire and didn’t expect to be burned by it

This fire,

This fire will be impossible to stomp out

You, your children, your children’s children will feel

My insurgency


The Greek gods gave fire to humans

And instantly regretted it because

Fire is light and warmth,

But fire will burn down century-old forests 


The true essence of leadership stems from the compassion

And genuine care of others.

A leader has an open ear

And protects their pack

Empowers them, not degrade them

General foremen stay true and build with their co-workers,

Not tear them down.

A leader will be shoveling the dirt,

A boss will be clean and pristine.

Madre Tierra

I yearn for the roosters as my alarm,

The smell of fresh masa,

Families preparing their children for school.

I have a profound respect for those husbands who bear the workload that is from the sun up to sundown,

Wives that carry the tasks of raising children, nursing the elderly,

Feeding the mouths of the household, and

Washing the clothing by hand. 

But most importantly, I yearn for the familiarity of a life

Not many people, that live outside of my pueblo, care to acknowledge

My culture is my prized treasure

And I am possessive, protective, unrelenting.

I will continue to do so because of the love and appreciation

I have for the roots of my mother

Fight or Flight

Cactuses are spikes, thorns, and needles

Meant to prick the beholder

Yet this being said,

Nothing that can penetrate the talons of an eagle

Serpents are poisonous and cunning

A serpent is a sentence of death to most,

Yet the eagle perches on the cactus overpowering the serpent.

Renowned for the keen sight,

Massive hooked bill,

And extensive, broad wings; 

Eagles are birds of prey.

One of the most dangerous species since they rule the skies

And choose their battles.


The petals of a flower wither

But the stem does not abandon the flower as a whole


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