Dear Morena,

This blog post is dedicated to the one and only…

Magda Lopez.

You know how they say when you leave high school, you don’t leave with the same friends? I was lucky enough to defeat the odds on that one.

Have you ever had a friend who made you comfortable in your own skin?

A friend who has shared common values and morals.

Or a friend, of the same culture and heritage, that you send memes and relatable quotes to?

Or someone who has seen the ugliest of the world but chooses to be so beautiful within and outwardly?

I have. These are the kind of people that you need at your table.

Let me introduce you… The World, you are introduced to my M-Boogie. In a nutshell.

This wonderful young lady is relaunching her blog soon! I will shoot the link when she decides to make it public.

I dedicate “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees and “Secreto de Amor” by Joan Sebastian to her. On our way back from the 2016 Chap Graduation, we sang our hearts out to these two songs. I was so happy that day although I was in a wheelchair during that time. Guess who pushed me around? None other than my M-Boogie. We had a discussion about future projects, business ideas, goals, dreams, dilemmas, etc. (Books, non-profit organizations, made a pit stop at Dutch Bros, laughed, avoided past lovers, and confronted our past.)

High school is such a delicate time.  I choose to see the good in it.

Forgive and forget.


Until next time, amigos.


Update: here’s a link to her blog. Her poetry is particularly stunning. Take a look:—poesia



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