“Thirteen Reasons Why” Review

G-Money gave me the novel when Jay Asher first published it 🙂

Suicide, depression, other mental health issues are real. I appreciated this book so much in eighth grade. (About five-six years ago)

For its time, Jay Asher depicted a realistic and unapologetic masterpiece. Talking about mental illness, sexual assault, emotional manipulation, anxiety was taboo.

As I grew up, I demanded the truth. I understood how emotions work. I matured too fast.

The film should not have shown graphic content. It is traumatizing to be reminded by such events you, yourself,  or someone you love has experienced. At the same time, I see why the director chose to film graphic content. (People forget there was a warning at the beginning of each episode.)

I appreciate both sides of the argument.

Here’s the suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to.

It’s anonymous!




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